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Contact us and provide your business details for us. We can make some small meetings to decide how your dream website design. You are also part of our team. Our goal is develop your website more than you hope so. Today is a good day to start discussion about your business turning point.

Basic Static Website for your company

Even you have small business, business website is an essential things to face highly competition and make your demand with professional image to society. So we can help you by designing and developing your basic website for reasonable price. We add important details of your company and make it customers can contact you through website. If someone submit contact form(Inquiry), you will be get a notify email with their contact details. we can display your products and details in website. You can use website to market your business online and get new customers.

Ecommerce website with best frameworks

Today there are few of very popular frameworks to use establish and maintain an eCommerce business online. They provide essential plugins for major business purpose. contact forms, online bookings, buy products online and payments through papal, credit cards etc. WordPress is most popular framework and we use it. So we no need to manually programming to build your website, we just customizing and assembling needed tools. But problem is it should have experience to choose good plugins themes for suitable for your business needs. We do it in professional manner. Finally you will get speed and SEO optimized eCommerce store. And we will teach you how to add new products, get orders, shipping, and manage online orders. This package is very low price in our services. Because we use WordPress frankly.

Ecommerce website

Complex dynamic web application with administrative dashboard

In this package we manually programmed your web application according to your business requirements. And we develop an administrative panel(Admin Dashboard) to control everything for you and teach you how manage it. For examples of applications are: taxi booking system, hotel management system, inventory management system, employers and user management system etc. we can include payment gateways, chat system and API using and any of your business needs. We can discuss with few meetings and start developing system.

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